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Supporting Brekha Primary School, a remote school in far flung Trashigang with uniforms and shoes

2018 to 2023

Trashigang, "The Jewel of the East", spans the easternmost corners of the kingdom, skirting up to the edge of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is the country’s largest district, with an altitude ranging from 600 m to over 4000 m.


Due to poor road conditions and infrequent domestic flights, Trashigang is consider to be one of the more rural district in Bhutan. 


Through frequent engagements with the Ministry and teaching staffs in various schools, news got to  us that many families with children in Brekha Primary School, a remote school in the Trashigang Gewog, are facing financial difficulties supporting their children and some were not able to afford basic necessities like school uniforms for the children.

In April 2018, together with one of our donors Mr CP Lo from Malaysia, we visited Brekha Primary School to deliver new sets of uniforms and school shoes to all students.


MAD also committed to support the school and community by providing new uniforms for all new intakes and those who outgrow their exiting sets for the next 5 years till year 2023.


If you are interested to support similar projects with us, please contact us to find out more on how you can help.   

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