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Ready for the trip of your life time?

Before you start panicking.. eh.. we meant packing, here are some tips from us..

Bumthang landscape

Dressing up for the seasons

Well... this is a tough call... Depending on season and where you would be in Bhutan, you may experience hot sun, gusty wind and snow in matter of days! Do consult your MAD representative before hand.

Golden rule? Layer, layer, layer.

One more tip.......... NEVER NEVER trust your weather app.

Temperature in Punakha

Put aside your Chanel and A Testoni... Put on a good and reliable pair of walking/hiking shoes. 

Bring along your best camera... and lots of spare battery and SD cards (or your 35mm film). Who says you can only see cherry blossom in Japan?

Bring some love along... Pack little gifts for the children you meet along the way.

Bring your cash...... Spend it wisely.

Ngultrum (Bhutan currency) can be exchanged at any major banks in town. Most expenses are covered in the package cost and if you do not splurge on daily massages and prized Kishutharas, a couple of hundreds should see you through the trip with some shopping. Oh.. and of cos, a gratuity for your guide and driver will be most appreciated and no, we do not accept credit card payment for that.

Most establishments do not accept credit card payment so having some cash on hand is a smarter choice.

We know we may be stepping on someone's toe... but most religious items sold in town are from neighbouring countries.. unless you really fancy those items, we suggest you to spend your money elsewhere.

Bring along a lightweight, foldable travel bag (WE ALWAYS DO!) . Pack them up with local organic honey and home-made wild strawberry jams.

Cubed Yak Cheese

Hard cube cheese anyone?

Most hotel have wifi, but if you need to be connected on the go, your MAD guide will be glad to help get you a local data SIM card and top up with prepaid cards.

Some roads may be rough and windy, so if you are prone to motion sickness, bring your own medication to prevent nausea.

However, do not be overly alarmed as the Bhutan Government are putting in significant effort to widening and black topping the major roads across the country.

Indian Workers in Bhutan

Some hotels may not have any entertainment systems in the room, so load up your tablets with movies or e-books for the flight as well as the trip. 

PRINT your e-visa sent to you by your MAD representative and bring it along with you. It will be required when you check in for the flight and custom officers in Bhutan may ask for it too.

Be nice to the check-in counter staff and ask to be seated on the right side of the plane (If you are flying in from Singapore / Bangkok) or left side of the plane (if you are flying in from Delhi or Kathmandu) when heading to Paro Airport. If weather permits with good visibility, you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges.

Last but not least, relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in this amazing country. Engage the locals, soak up their culture and trust us, the Bhutanese are really a bunch of friendly people..............

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