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We are always on a look out for projects that we can undertake to help the rural school children across the country. Most of the projects are identified during our various trips reaching out to the rural schools. 

We strongly believe that we need to see for ourselves to fully understand the difficulties that these less privileged children are facing. As such, we endeavour to make visits to the remote schools and villages to find out what are the areas that MAD can be of assistance to provide basic essential items and make their livelihood a little better. We have since travelled to 15 out of 20 districts in Bhutan and visited 39 schools till date.

We have prioritised the needs of each school and consulted the Ministry to ensure that every project that we plan to undertake will benefit the children for the foresee-able future. The Ministry is challenged with the sustainability of the smaller rural schools due to declining enrolment trends in rural and remote areas, difficulty in deployment of adequate teaching staff and high cost of service delivery and we endeavour to support these school as much as we can.

You can support us by adopting any of the identified projects, co-funding with us or by simply making a holiday trip with us in the beautiful Land of The Thunder Dragon.. 

Write to us at to find out how you can contribute to this cause.

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