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Providing Basic Comfort Essentials to Boarding School Children in Haa, Bhutan

Ongoing 2018

When the primary school children in Bhutan graduated from class 6 in their community school, they will need to be enrolled to middle school for the continuation of their studies. For most, it means tens of kilometres away from home. 

In order for them to attend the school for their studies, they will have to leave their homes and moved into a boarding facility provided by the school. Though the cost of the boarding services are born by the government, the children have to make available their own mattresses, blankets and other daily necessities. As simple as it may seems, these items are additional burdens to many of the families in the rural area. 

We provided some of these items especially mattresses and quality blankets to the children who need our support.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to contribute and support the school children with such needs.

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