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Some Other Interesting Bhutan Festivals in 2019

Punakha Drubchen
12 – 14 February
Gasa Tsechu
14 – 16 March

Puna Drubchen is an annual festival held in Punakha Dzong, and the festival is introduced by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgayel (founder of Bhutan) in 17-century, to commemorate the victories over the Tibetans. During the festival, the ‘pazaps’ or ‘local militia men’, dressed in battle gear showcase a battle scene of this distant past recalling the days when in the absence of a standing army, men from the eight Tshogchens or great village blocks of Thimpu came forward and managed to expel the Tibetan forces out of the country ushering in a new‐ found internal peace and stability

The annual Gasa Tsechu festival is held in Gasa Dzong in remotest part of the kingdom.

During the festival, Gasa Tsechu, apart from its remoteness is that you get to see many people from highland (nomads) Laya and Lunana villages come here. The costumes and jewellery of women from Laya is particularly unique and especial. 

Gasa is about 03-hours drive northwest from Punakha Dzongkhag.

Ura Yakchoed
16 – 20 April

The festival is performed at Ura village in Bumthang, The festival is purely a local event of 3- days program, and the highlight of the celebration is the invoking and escorting of the Yidam Chhana Dorjee from Gaythen to Ura.

Annual Mushroom Festival
15 – 16 August 

During the festival, the native mushroom and other local products, mushroom hunting, the school and local community will perform cultural program

Matsutake Mushroom Festival
23 –24 August

Annually held Matsutake Mushroom Festival is mainly to enjoy the valued gourmets around the world, especially in Japan, the Matsutake mushroom, and the mushroom is native to the forest of the Ura Valley in Bumthang. 

The Matsutake mushrooms grow at an altitude of more than 3,000 mtrs above sea level and are collected once a year during harvesting season.

Tangsibi Mani
10 – 13  Oct

Tangsibi is a small village near Ura valley in Bumthang district. The festival is held in the small village temple. Tangsibi Mani is a religious ritual celebration with chams/ dances including all the Ter Chams composed by the great saint Terton Pema Lingpa and other dances as well.

Trongsa Tshechu
04 – 07 January

There are numerous festivals held at different part of year and of so many festivals held in various parts of Trongsa, the grandest is the three day annual Tshechu. This festival brings together people from all walks of life. In addition to traditional mask dances, visitors can witness the unfurling of the sacred Thongdrol and receive blessings from high-ranking monks.

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