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Paro Tshechu

27th to 31st March 2018

Paro Tsechu is held for 5 days beginning on the 10th Day of 2nd Bhutanese lunar month every year and in 2018 it is from March 27-31. The festival offers a best opportunity to witness the Bhutanese’s rich culture and history.

The Tshechu is a religious festival and by attending it, it is believed one gains merits. It is
also a yearly social gathering where the people come together to rejoice dressed in all their finery. Experience the color, excitement and spectacle of the Paro Tshechu Festival.

It is the most divine and deeply symbolic of all the Buddhist festivals celebrated in Bhutan. Dressed in traditional finery, devotees flock to the Paro Dzong to proclaim their faith and receive blessings. Monks and lay people, dressed in elaborate silk brocade costumes perform festive dances of good triumphing over evil to the haunting sounds of trumpets, cymbals and horns.

The dances and costumes have survived unchanged for thousands of years, each dance is an exact re-enactment of visions seen by Bhutan’s great Buddhist saints and any changes would be seen as sacrilege.

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