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Construction of play area with shelter


The road approaching Mongar is one of the most spectacular journeys in the country. It's landscape is spectacular with stark cliffs and deep gorges set amidst dense conifer forests and the region is also known for its weavers and textiles, and fabrics produced here are considered some of the best in the country.


Due to it's location, the school do not have sufficient flat open ground for children activities. Volunteers from nearby communities tried build a children play area but due to lack of expertise, the facility is not functioning and safe for use.  

The school has humbly requested for help to reconstruct a safe play area for children to have some fun during breaks. 

With the support of 2 kind hearted sisters, we have started to proceed with the funding and preparation for the construction of the play area. 

Playground is funded by the Chua Family (Singapore) and built in loving memorial of Mr Rex Chua.

Estimated project cost : Fully funded

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