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Supporting School Agriculture Program in Tang Central School


Agriculture is the root and foundation of Bhutanese society. To reduce the impact of the rural-urban migration trend which will also dilute Bhutan’s unique culture which is in large parts embedded in the agrarian lifestyle, it is critical to educate the school children about the importance of farming.


Tang Central School, located in Bumthang district, has started a School Agriculture Program (SAP) aimed to introduce the importance and sustainable farming technique to the school children. 

MAD supports the initiative by providing initial fund to implement an irrigation system with water pipes and pumps. Phase 2 of the project is to introduce apiculture into their curriculum, procure and set up the necessary beekeeping facility and impart the scientific beekeeping knowledge to the children to help them improve the rural livelihoods by rearing honey bees.

Contact us if you would like to support this project together with us.

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